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Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ’s:

  1. What are the office hours?
    • Farmers’ Electric’s office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time Monday-Friday with the exception of major holidays.
    • We also provide a 24-hour outage and payment service at 1-800-927-5334
  2. What is the mailing address to mail payments?
    • Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 680, Chillicothe, MO 64601
  3. Where is your office located?
    • Farmers’ Electric is located at 201 West Business 36 in Chillicothe, Missouri right across the street from Lowes.
  4. Where is the drop box location to drop off payments?
    • The drop box is located outside the office building at the corner of the sidewalk.
  5. What is required to establish service?
    • To start service at an existing location it is helpful to know the service address or the previous Member at the location. We will need to speak to the person(s) wanting to put service in their name and collect Social Security numbers, Drivers’ License numbers and contact information. Every account connected under a Member’s name requires a $30 membership fee and we perform a soft hit on their credit report to determine if a security deposit is required. Service is connected on the next available business day or on a specific date requested in advance.
    • For a new construction of service, please contact our Staking Engineer as prices will vary.
  6. How can I find out if Farmers’ Electric services a particular address?
    • For existing locations please call the office during business hours and provide the address. From there, we will check our database and mapping system.
    • For new locations with no address, please call the office during business hours and speak with our Staking Engineer to determine if we service that particular area. If the location has utility poles nearby, you can identify if it is Farmers’ Electric’s pole or not by reading the pole tag that is placed on every pole in our service area.
  7. What are capital credits?
    • Farmers’ Electric Cooperative is a nonprofit electric utility. If FEC makes more money than it needs for operating expenses, capital improvements and cash reserves, we allocate that money to you, our Member-Owners, in the form of capital credits.
    • Each Member’s capital credit refund amount depends on the length of time they have been served by the Cooperative and the amount of energy the Member has purchased in a particular period.
    • The Board of Directors approves how much and which years capital credits will be paid. Capital credit checks are mailed out once a year in early December.
    • Even if you do not have a current electric account with the Cooperative, you were still a Member and share the profits of FEC. This being said, it is very important to keep an updated address with us so we can mail you your capital credit checks.
    • If a Member is deceased, Farmers’ Electric will pay a lump-sum of that Member’s capital credits to the heirs of their estate. Call the office during business hours for more information regarding paying out a deceased Member’s capital credits.
  8. What are Farmers’ Electric’s Residential rates?
  9. I am interested in alternative energy to power my residents. What programs do you offer?
    • Information regarding different renewable energy sources can be found on our website under the Renewable Energy tab. For more information please call the office and speak to our Energy Services Department 800-279-0496.
  10. What area does Farmers' Electric Cooperative serve?
    • Farmers' Electric Cooperative is a Member-Owned business providing rural electric service to residents in nine North Missouri counties: Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Clinton, Daviess, Dekalb, Livingston, Linn, and Ray. With headquarters in Chillicothe, Missouri, we currently serve more than 13,000 meters with close to 3,800 miles of electric power lines.
    • Click here to enlarge the Service Area MapService Area Map


Billing Questions:

  1. How can I make a payment by phone, and is there a charge for doing so?
    • There is no charge to make a payment over the phone. To make a payment by phone, simply call our office 660-646-4281 or 800-279-0496 during business hours.
    • To make a payment by phone after business hours, call our 24-hour outage and payment number 880-927-5334
  2. Can I pay my bill online?
    • Yes, you can pay your bill online. To access your online account, visit our website and select Pay Online. From there, a login will appear and you will select NEW USER. This will allow you to create an account with a few pieces of personal information.
    • If you are unable to create an account, please call the office during business hours at 800-279-0496.
    • We also have a Smartphone app called myFEC which allows you to schedule payments, report outages, and even track your energy usage!
  3. What is the availability charge and what is it for?
    • The availability charge is $25.00 on your monthly bill and helps pay for the cost of lines and equipment in place to provide electric service to each Member.
  4. When should I expect my bill and when are bills due?
    • You should expect to receive your bill within the first week of the month. Bills are due by the 15th of the month to avoid late fees, and due by the 25th of the month to avoid disconnection.
  5. Can I change the due date of my billing?
    • No, all bills are due on the 15th of the month.
  6. Where can I find out the amount due on an account?
    • The amount due will be located on your bill inside the Total Due Now green line. You can also check your balance due through your online account access, myFEC app or by simply calling the billing department.
  7. Can I pay my bill automatically, and how do I set it up?
    • Yes, you have the option of credit card or bank auto-pay to be paid on either the 5th or the 15th of each month. Simply call the office for easy set-up.
      • Members who set-up bank auto-pay will receive a 50¢ monthly bill credit!
    • You also have the option of setting up Auto-pay or One-time payments through your online account which can be set-up for any day of the month.
  8. My bill is paid automatically. Why does my bill say I still owe a balance?
    • Even if you are on drafting or automatic payments, you will still receive a bill. This allows you to know how much will be paid and on what date it will be paid.
  9. Can I pay with cash?
    • Yes, stop by the office during business hours to pay your bill with cash.
  10. Can I pay the same amount every month?
    • Yes, Farmers’ Electric offers Budget Billing to those Members who qualify.  If you have lived in the same location for at least 12 months and pay your bill on time, we will calculate your 12-month energy average amount and send a Budget Billing Authorization form to be signed.
    • Each year your Budget amount will adjust up or down depending on your electric usage and your true balance in the last 12 months. Simply call the office to learn more and see if you qualify.
  11. What is my member number or account number?
    • Your member number is your account number, and it is located at the top left-hand corner of your bill.
  12. Can I have more than one meter and is there a charge for that?
    • Yes, you can connect several meters under your name. You will receive a separate bill for each meter that you have with a $25.00 availability charge per meter.
    • The same connection process is used for each meter you have: a $30 membership fee and a soft hit on your credit report to determine if a security deposit is required.
  13. Can I opt out of receiving paper bills and go paperless?
    • Yes, call the office and the billing department can set you up to receive e-bills.
      • Members receive e-bills much faster than mailed bills and receive a 50¢ monthly bill credit for switching!
  14. When can I expect a delinquent notice?
    • Delinquent notices are mailed on the next business day after the 15th to Members who have not paid their bill by the 15th.
    • Delinquent bills are due before the 25th to avoid disconnection.
  15. How do I add a name to my electric account?
    • To add a name to an existing account, call the office during business hours at 800-279-0496. Everyone whose name is on the bill is responsible for the bill and is a Member-Owner.  We will need their Social Security number, Drivers’ License number and perform a soft hit on their credit report to determine if a security deposit is required.
  16. Can I add a person to my account to receive billing information?
    • Yes, if you just want someone on your accounts such as a relative or spouse to receive billing information but not add them to the account, they can be set up as an Authorized User.
    • An Authorized User is not a Member and their name will not appear on the bill. However, if that individual calls in to make payments, request outages or get billing information the office will know.
  17. How can I remove a name from my electric account?
    • To make any name changes to your account, please call the office during business hours at 800-279-0496. To remove a name from your account, we will need to disconnect the existing account out of the current Members’ names and create a new account without that person’s name.
  18. Why do you need to disconnect my existing electric account, and open a new account in order to remove someone from an account?
    • If an account is in more than one name, everyone on that account in a Member-Owner and a recipient of capital credits.
    • Capital credits will begin accruing under the new account in the new Member-Owner(s) name.


Reporting Outages:

  1. How do I report a power outage?
    • To report an outage you may call 24/7, 365 days a year to our 24-hour outage and payment number 800-927-5334 or report an outage online or through your myFEC app.
      • Please check all your breakers before calling in an outage.  If a crew is dispatched to your location and the power outage is not caused by our equipment, there are charges involved.
      • Check, if possible, to see if your neighbors have power.
      • Always report a power outage as it can help our crews pinpoint the issue and restore power quickly and safely. 
  2. How do I report that my Yard Light is not working?
    • Call the office at 800-279-0496. An operator can prepare a service order explaining the issue with the Yard Light, and a crew will be dispatched to repair the light.



  1. What does Farmers’ Electric sell?
    • Farmers’ Electric sells the Pest-A-Cator 2000, Pest-A-Cator plus 2000 and Midland Deluxe AM/FM Weather Radios.  For prices on these items, simply call the office 800-279-0496.
  2. What do I do if I have a tree in the power lines that needs trimmed?
    • If you have limbs that are harmful to the power lines or are covering your meter, please call the office. The Co-op will send a tree trimming crew to access the tree and determine the safest way to trim the hazardous limbs.
    • For your safety, please do not try to trim these limbs yourself.
  3. How much does a Yard Light cost and where can they be placed?
    • A Yard Light is a flat rate of $8.75 on your monthly bill. Your Yard Light is not connected through your meter and therefore does not increase your energy usage.
    • Yard Lights can be positioned on your meter or transformer pole.  
  4. How can I have my underground electric lines marked?
    • Call 1-800-DIG-RITE or dial 811 which is the Missouri One Call System for locating underground lines. For more information on Missouri One Call visit their website at
  5. Can you provide any recommendations for electricians?
    • No, unfortunately, we do not make contractor recommendations.
  6. Do you have any incentives for purchasing electric appliances?
    • Yes, we offer several rebate programs for purchasing certain electric appliances. Check out all of the rebates we offer on our website or call the office at 800-279-0496 and speak to our Energy Services Department.
  7. What benefits will I receive with my Co-op Connections Card?
    • Your Co-op Connections Card gives Members access to several local and national discounts as well as discounts on medical, dental and prescriptions. Visit to check out all the deals offered to you.
  8. Can I pick up used poles?
    • Yes, please call or stop by the office and talked to our Operations Department to arrange picking up poles. Picking up used poles is a first come, first serve system, and you will need to bring your own equipment to cut and haul the poles.
  9. Can I purchase wire and other parts from your office?
    • Yes, please contact Arkansas Electric which is located in our warehouse at 660-646-1204.
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