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Net Metering

The Easy Connection Act passed by the Missouri Legislature in 2007 requires all Missouri utilities to offer true net metering and provide for a simplified interconnection process for consumers wanting to install a renewable energy fueled generator with a capacity of 100 kW or less behind their retail meter.  Net metering under this Act is applicable only to the retail meter that the renewable generator is located directly behind.  One generator cannot offset usage on multiple retail meters, even though these retail meters may be owned by the same consumer or are in the same location.

During any given month, energy from the generator is given full retail credit by the local utility up to the consumer's monthly usage.  If energy in excess of a consumer's monthly usage is generated during the month, a credit will be applied to the excess.  This credit will not be at the full retail rate, but instead will be at the utility's avoided cost for the month.  All credits expire if not used twelve months after they are received.

Net Metering Contract

Net Metering Agreement

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