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Signs on Power Poles are Dangerous

With political races, garage sales, family reunions, wedding receptions and live auctions, there is always a proliferation of signage. And then there are also basketball goals, deer stands, satellite dishes, and bird houses. What is this all leading up to? The placement of signs or any other item on power poles.

Placing signs on poles could create a serious hazard and, in some cases, create a potentially fatal accident. Remember, Farmers' Electric Cooperative line crews wear special protective clothing and gloves. Anything attached to the pole, such as nails, tacks or staples can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, making line workers vulnerable to electrocution. Co-op crews get called out at all hours and in the worst conditions. It would be impossible to notice a nail or a tack in a driving rain at 2 o'clock in the morning. Another potential problem, which could cause safety issues for the lineman, can occur if they are climbing a pole. The rubber gloves can be punctured during the climb. Linemen wear special equipment called "hooks" that are attached to their boots. The hooks are sharp metal spikes that sink into the poles as they climb they way up and down the pole. If a lineman puts all of his weight on the hook and it strikes a nail, the hook would not penetrate into the pole, causing the lineman to possibly slip.

Please do not place any signs on power poles or, for that matter, any other item. These items actually violate the National Electrical Safety Code, which are used to provide electric utilities safety guidelines. Please help us keep our linemen safe. Fixtures not belonging to the cooperative will be removed by Farmers' Electric Cooperative personnel to ensure the safety of our employees.

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