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Understanding Your Bill

Many factors determine how much your electric bill is every month.  With so much information available on this monthly communication, it is helpful to review the key areas.Electric Bill Example


1)  Member #:  This is your Farmers’ Electric Member number. Please refer to this number when contacting the office or accessing your online account. Every Member has a Member number.

If you have several accounts with Farmers’ Electric, you will have a separate bill with the same Member number, but a different Member Separator (-001 in this example).

Account Name, Service Address, Location Description, and Meter # all refer to your account identification used at the office.

Bill Date:  This represents the date of your statement.


2)  These boxes all give more detail about your meter and how you are billed.

Service period:  Your meter is read around the 24th of every month. The given dates are the days your meter was read for your current billing statement. If you notice, you are billed for your energy used in the month prior.

No. of Days:  This number represents how many days you were billed for in the current service period.

Rate:  The rate determines how you are billed by what type of service you have.

Meter Reading:  These readings were collected from your meter around the 24th of the previous and present months.

Kilowatt Usage:  Subtract the Previous from the Present Meter Readings and you will come up with the number of kilowatt hours used in the current service period.

Mult: This number informs you if your meter has a multiplier. A multiplier is used on high usage meters to limit the meter from continuously spinning fast, helping prolong the life of the meter.

Estimated:  If your bill had to be figured using an estimated meter reading it would display in this box.

Location #:  This is the number used at the office to determine your exact meter location on our mapping system.

Usage Charges:  Here you can find a detailed listing of what charges your bill consists of and when we received your last payment. If you have a Yard Light on your pole, the charge will display in this box. Budget Billing Members can keep track of their “true balance” by this information.


3)  The green strip across the middle of your bill holds the most important information. The Total Due Now is the amount of your bill as of the Bill Date. Keep in mind if you have paid your bill after the bill date, but before you receive your billing statement, the statement will not reflect that payment.


4)  Comparisons:  This area consists of your energy use over the past 12 months in a graph as well as a more in-depth look at comparing the cost per day from the previous month.


5)  Message:  Look for upcoming events, office closings and promotions throughout the year in this box.


6)  Return Stub:  The bottom third of your statement is perforated, and is the portion we ask that your mail back with your payment. By including the return stub with your payment, you are assuring accurate credit to the proper account. This portion of your bill has your Member number, Due Date, Total due, and space on the back to update your account information.


As always, if you ever have any questions, please call the business office at 660-646-4281 or 800-279-0496.

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